After many years of working with Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Post Production Houses and Clients direct, I've observed the following…


Quality Matters —Having access to a resource pool of fresh, experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry; individuals and teams that stay on top of ever-evolving trends in technology, process and product, committing the greatest of care to your project and the end result.


With over 20 years of experience, working across the United States, I have the ability to deliver exactly what you need - when you need it. Whether you need a commercial, a multi-media or print project or require a special event seamlessly coordinated to go off without a hitch, I deliver the best team for your budget, geared to your desired result.


Integrity Matters —Knowing that your requests are being heard, your vision is shared, and my actions align with my words. What I do is very straightforward. I listen to what you need. I work with you to create an effective action plan. I build a team to achieve your vision and results that make a difference, communicating every step of the way so we are always on the same page.


Value Matters —It's important to know that you are getting the best value for your dollar; that no shortcuts are being taken and that every penny of your budget is going toward the fulfillment of your project. Likewise, it's important that you're not over-paying for service or tools at the expense of the quality you were promised and expect.


I can work on a specific portion of your project (i.e. original music rights or talent negotiations), or manage the project from inception through final delivery. Whether based on a fixed rate, an hourly retainer, or a percentage of your project budget, I'll work with you to deliver the best results. How ever you choose to work with me, I'll deliver on time and on budget.


Quality, Integrity and Value drive my actions.
Measurable results are our reward.


You deserve peace of mind. I deliver.


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