I'm passionate about powerful images and the messages they convey, be the medium print, web or moving pictures. Images that touch, move and inspire. Messages that connect, engage and relate us with our audiences. I love producing these images and I want to work with you on your next project.


Devoted to helping people, my purpose is to make your life easier.  I value relationships, collaboration, quality and integrity. Allow me to assemble all the necessary elements to have your vision become a reality in the most efficient, effective and valuable way possible.

15+ years in the industry and armed with both the creativity to envision the big picture and the thoroughness to manage all the details, I excel at intuitively assessing and effectively balancing creative, financial, legal and logistic needs to seamlessly achieve project goals; the results speak for themselves.

I’d love to hear about your upcoming projects and encourage you to contact me. Let's have a real conversation, get acquainted and start creating some possibilities together.




...Excerpts from Clients & Colleagues...


“If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting (or better yet) working with Carla - take the opportunity as soon as you can. You'll discover an extremely bright, energetic, savvy production professional with a quiver of talents that simply don't end. In my 27 years in the media production business, I've never found another like her - she's creative, organized and always improves whatever she focuses her efforts on in amazing ways.”



I operate from a space of basic ideals…quality, integrity and value through teamwork. This means:


  • I am committed to building a team that meets or exceeds your expectations at the level of product, service, communication and overall experience.
  • I am committed to being your partner, sharing your vision and having my words align with my actions.
  • I am committed to efficiently and effectively delivering your desired results on time and on budget.
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